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Create a Special Place with a Metallic Cowhide Rug


Cowhide footstools

Contemporary decor is about what makes you happy. If you love color everywhere then go for it. If you like country French paired with a hint of more modern pieces you can also make it work. There are no rules. However, the right accessories are always key. Accessories such as rugs can make the entire room come alive. The right rug can help make any space feel like home. Fortunately for today’s discerning and intrepid homeowner, there are many rugs on the market that can work with all kinds of styles and decor. One kind of rug that has long been fashionable for those who love good things are metallic cowhide rugs. Metallic cowhide rugs are rugs made from the finest material. A single rug or multiple rugs can help turn any space into a stage for the imagination as well as adding comfort and high style.

Creating a Special Place

Today’s homeowners want to have rooms that make them happy. They also want to have items they can think about passing down to their children. While aiming for modern, they also want to bring in the timeless and the durable. This is where a silver metallic cowhide rug can be ideal. Turning a space into something that allows for both a sense of the now and alludes to the future at the same time can be done with the use of thoughtful accessories such as this one. Such rugs are a way to provide an item for the occupants that has a soft texture and will help show off the outdoors. The natural world has long been a part of standard decor. This is as true as ever. Decorating with naturally created items such as rugs like this one means decorating with items that have proven to be enduring classics time and again.

Easy to Use

Many people also want to have things in their home that are easy to use. They don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for the things they own. This is why a silver metallic cowhide rug is a useful purchase. These rugs are easy to care for in any climate. A single brushing every so often keeps them in excellent shape. This is in keeping with what modern homeowners own. They want to have items that will endure without the need to spend lots of time on home maintenance chores. These kinds of rugs fit in well with a modern aesthetic. Busy homeowners love the idea of being able to spend less time cleaning things and more time doing what they love. Such rugs fit in perfectly with their needs, allowing for high style and easy care at the same time.

Home Lighting


Millennium Lightings Chandelier Offered in Burnished Gold finish, Item Number 1715-BG ChandelierThe house that we live in now is the one that my hubby bought in 1998 before we got married. The decorating theme is what most referred to as rustic. We live in a rural area amongst the woods and lakes and the decor fits in with the surrounding area. It is not my favorite type of decoration but it is OK with me for the time being. The house was a real fixer upper type when he bought it and he has done a lot to upgrade it and we are still in the process of remodeling. Since moving in here, he built a new garage with large workshop, re-shingled the roof and quite a few other basic upgrades but we still have a way to go before we are finished.

We have recently been thinking seriously about buying or building a new house in the Philippines and then living there during the winter half of the year and coming back here in Minnesota when the weather is nice. I hope we decide to build our own house there because I would really like to decorate the way I want. I would like to have all contemporary lighting fixtures and maybe some mini chandeliers where appropriate. I think that kind of style would be elegant and classic for the type of home that I would like to have back in my home country.

Top Reasons to Renovate Your Home

Home renovations can be incredibly expensive, so many homeowners choose to put them off a lot longer than they should. The problem with doing that is that they cost even more when you wait, and it can be more difficult to get what you want from a home that needs a lot of basic changes.

There are some very important reasons you should consider renovating your home right now though, no matter what you need. Keep reading to learn more about the top reasons you should update your house as soon as you possibly can.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is probably the room you spend the most time in when you’re at home. While you may not notice the décor while you’re sleeping, the master bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary from the outside world. Over time though, the master bedroom can be one of the first things to look dated and a bit stale.

When it comes to master bedroom renovation projects, one of the best things you can do is to add windows and change your window dressings. In many cases, you might even notice that your bedroom looks a lot better with just those basic changes.

Changing or replacing carpeting or flooring can also greatly improve the way your master bedroom looks. Believe it or not, master bedroom floors tend to take a fair amount of abuse.

Entry Area

Your entry is the first thing people see when they come into your home, so it’s not a surprise that it most designers will tell you it matters. The first impression always matters when somebody comes into a new home.

Change basic items like your wall mirror, art, entry table or even a coat rack to get the most out of your entry space.

Home Office

Home offices aren’t always the best bet when it comes to money if you’re adding onto your home. That’s because home offices can be very hard for new buyers to use if you ever decide to sell your home. They tend to be quite small, after all.

However, renovating an existing home office can be very helpful if you actually use it. Simple things like paint or updated wallpaper and closet renovation can make a huge difference in how the room looks and feels.

You’ll also want to consider features like skylights or additional windows in a home office environment.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

I grew up in the Philippines. It is warm all year round there. When I met my hubby, I needed to move to northern Minnesota to be with him. The winter season here can be frigid and he was worried that when I got here to Minnesota, I might get back on the plane and go back to the Philippines. He told me that he would get me a pair of heated slippers if I arrived in the winter. When I arrived here in March, it was about 45 degrees but I still thought I was going to freeze on the spot.

I have been living here in the north country for almost ten years now but still haven’t gotten used to the cold weather. During the cold winter season, I don’t take a lot of showers even though we have a water heater.  Back in my home country, we don’t use water heaters and that is why my five year old niece from Germany complains about it.  She said I love Philippines but I don’t like to take a shower there.  Speaking of water heaters, if you live in Indianapolis area and need Indianapolis Water Heater, Cooper’s Water Conditioning is just a click away.  They offer water heater installation and repair.

Home & Patio Furniture

Anderson Teak Brianna Deep Seating Set 41

Gardens are becoming popular items these days due to the high cost of produce, especially organic stuff. We have chosen to plant a garden right in front of our front deck with some potted plants on our deck. It is really cool to sit out on the deck and watch our garden grow. We planted it there because it is close to the house which tends to keep the critters away and it gets a lot of good sunlight there on the south side. We have some furniture on our deck but it isn’t very fancy. I guess you would call it garden furniture because it overlooks our garden.

Vinyl Wall Stickers & Decals

It’s almost summer time, in just a month, the breeze and freshness of summer will soon embrace our day, aren’t you feeling the warmth already??? For me, summer means joy and adventure. Do you have plans already to make it something special?

Moreover, I have some plans in my mind and it’s something productive this time. I’m planning to make this summer creative, fruitful yet fun! Now that I am so done with my studies and my reviews, I guess it’s about time for me to pay time to something that I had forsaken for years with the busy schedule of my student life then. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

Well of course, it’s nothing else but my room, in which I had left unattended for quite some years of my studies. The room which has been a big part of my success, the witness of every tear of failure I shed and lessons I had gained in life. I want to revive it that it will look cool, full of life and colors but are paints enough? What other ways can I make my room creative and artistic even with my not so good art skills?

Add Ambiance To Your Room

Good thing I discovered vinyl wall stickers and vinyl wall decals that are available on the internet! The two acts like the stickers and decals I used to apply to my nails. I never really imagined that I can do state of the art creations on my room or even to any parts of our house like these on my own. Definitely these stickers and decals make lonely rooms alive, colorful and vibrant! The two are just brilliant ideas for rooms and other parts of our home. Wall stickers are even quicker, easier and less expensive than paints. Vinyl wall decals on the other hand are more sophisticated than stickers that are smooth textured and give that benefit of less messy setup.  They are easier to apply and to remove without leaving marks or damaging the paint of your wall whenever you want to change it. However, both give a promising new ambiance to your room and in your home in general.

What’s even great is that both are available in manifold modern styles from simple floral to more complicated designs that you can even customize. If you aspire to be an artist on your own yet do not have the skills to be one, then this is the answer.

All these at prices that anyone can afford and everyone can enjoy! This is indeed worth sharing.