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Electric Guitar Tuners

One of my younger brothers has a guitar. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have an electric guitar tuner. He tunes his guitar manually by himself. That tuning process is a bit of a chore and can be frustrating sometimes. Tuning should be quicker and easier. In order to get his electric guitar sounding at its best, he should buy one of the guitar tuners at Guitar Center. They have some that are currently on sale.

Guitar Center Music Store

I have yet to visit a guitar center music store if there is one nearby. I am just curious what they have in store for me. Even though I don’t know how to play any musical instrument, I know someone close to me who does. His birthday is coming up in the next few days and I am sure he would be delighted if I buy him something that he really likes. An electric guitar, maybe?

Violin Stands

The holiday Christmas shopping may have already passed but it doesn’t mean that the deals are already gone. For someone like me who is a bargain hunter usually shops the day after the Christmas celebration. If you have a special someone who is a violinist, check out this wide selection of violin stands. That site offers 15% off accessory orders $49+. You can find a violin stand that lets you hang your instrument on your microphone stand or music stand during performance.

Amplifiers and Effects

Are you in need of amplifiers and effects of high quality and dependability? Then you have come to the right place. You can purchase germino amps at guitar center that would surely put your mind at ease about its quality. You get crystal clear effects with amazing precision. Make rich textures in this durable instrument, making this brilliant piece worth every penny you paid. Understand that the price might be more expensive than other brands or pieces but you get a top-quality digital product that surely beats any analog or digital product anytime.

Noise Canceling Headphones

My old headset is about seven years old now. It is still partially functional but is falling apart. When I was in the Philippines, my hubby decided to buy me a new set of headphones. He felt pity for me and was frustrated at the same time when they kept falling off his head when he was chatting with me online from half way around the world. Even though the new ones are not bose quietcomfort 3 acoustic noise canceling headphones, they look like it to me. They look much better than my old set and also have a much clearer sound. It has been almost six months before I started using the new headphones that my hubby bought me because I thought the old ones were still OK. I just took them out of the box a few hours ago to hook up to my new laptop. Along with the new headphones, my hubby also bought me a new webcam

Trombone Stands

If you own a trombone, you definitely also need a trombone stand to go with it. That is part of putting your musical instrument properly when it is not in use. There are a variety of stands that you can choose from at the Guitar Center that fits your liking, needs or budget. The Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand is designed to support trombones more securely than any other stand.

Musician’s Friend Platinum Card

My hubby and I usually make our credit card payments online. The electronic payments make it easier to help us pay the bills on time and take our worry away from forgetting. The auto pay especially is such a big help to someone like us that has quite a few credit card accounts. Even though we have set all of our monthly payments automatically, last month we forgot to set it up back and got charged $28 for only two days late. My hubby cancelled the auto-pay to avoid getting double charged just like what happened to us last year.

I don’t want that to happen again so I see to it to check all of our credit cards auto pay closely. We are taking advantage of the 0% APR offers and would like to save money as much as we can instead of getting wack. I did not know how I missed it but I was so disappointed to myself at the time. Even though it was just $28, it was a big deal for me. I don’t want the banks to make more money because they have a lot already.  Anyhow, are you planning on buying a musical instrument soon?  Check out the musicians friend card. They have special financing so all you musicians out there, it is time to take advantage of the offer.