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Stay Fashionable in Plus Size Clothing, While on a Budget

For many women who are used to wearing plus sized clothing, stay fashionable and coming in under budget is a walking contradiction. If you are plus sized, you often have to shop at specialty stores so that you can find items that are not just your size, but make your body look the way it should – all natural. You want to accentuate and enhance those curves, not hide them behind some big, loose, floppy material. At the same time however, if you are trying to save money on your shopping sprees, you might find that the specialty stores are able to charge an arm and a leg just for the extra effort of stocking clothing that looks good that can fit normal-sized women. But these two desires, to look good and to save money, do not need to be mutually exclusive.

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Looking good and coming in under budget do not need to be conflicting desires just because you are plus sized. Having a normal shaped body should not be a punishment at the cash register. Torrid specializes in stocking clothing in sizes 12 to 28, and thanks to their new Groupon Coupons page, Torrid can bring you all kinds of savings and discounts on the clothing that you have come to know and love. Next time you are planning to go out shopping for plus sized clothing and want a great deal, check out Torrid’s Groupon Coupons page first.

A Comprehensive Line of Quality Hunting and Other Outdoor Gear

Allen Intruder Leafy Head Net in Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo 17573

As all hunters are keenly aware of, the most successful hunter is one that is completely invisible out there. They can’t be seen, heard, or even smelled by game making their way through the woods or brush. Any evidence of the hunter’s presence out there will guarantee the hunter will return home with nothing more than quiet hours of peaceful staring out at nothing. Certainly no kill will happen that day.

There are a good number of variables that must be taken into consideration when preparing to go out hunting. One of the most critical of these is equipping oneself with hunting gear that is most suitable for the occasion.

For hunters that go with camouflage, they’re going to want to go all out with the “look”. From head to toe, covering as much of their face as possible. And if they’re hunting from a blind, a camo blind, blending in with the terrain around it, can be an additional means of invisibility.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive line of quality hunting and other outdoor gear and accessories, you want to check out merchandise from a reputable outdoor store. A store that specializes in selling top-quality, name brand mainstay companies in hunting that have made their names in the industry for providing hunters with top-of-the-line hunting products. Online, one such industry leader in selling quality gear and accessories is Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store.

You may find that going into your local sporting goods store, they just won’t have the variety or number of items you’re looking for to obtain all the hunting gear you need. Some may sell a few hunting items, but by and large, they won’t have nearly the selection that will compel you to going in there in hopes you can find all that you need. If that local store sells their hunting gear in one corner, surrounded by women’s yoga outfits and snowboards surrounding it, then the chances are pretty good they don’t focus on the backwoods gear inventory too much.

You’ll really best be served by shopping with a company that specifically focuses on outdoor gear, providing a wide variety of quality goods from such industry leaders as Allen, Browning, Hunter Specialties, Primos Hunting, Quaker Boy, Seirus, and World Famous.

Maximize your chances for success in your next hunt by getting all the quality hunting gear you need in one convenient location. After all, you’re spending a lot of time out there waiting for the “big one” to come in. Equip yourself the right way, and you could be going back home with something a lot better than a day of aggravation.

What Not To Wear To Prom

Prom is the biggest event in a teenage girl’s life.  It’s the one you’ll spend hours shopping and planning for and capturing the night through photos and social media so you want to wear the right gown.

 photo Untitled_zps9vggwqcq.jpg
Image by Shandi-lee via Flickr

It’s hard to believe but prom dress shopping season is already upon us. I often recommend ordering your prom dress no later than early February to allow for the best designs and delivery time. Many teen girls devote as much time and energy into selecting a prom dress as they would a future dress. Since you’ll remember your prom night forever and more than likely plaster photos of yourself all over social media within hours, you’ll want to purchase the right kind of prom dress and avoid the absolute don’ts of prom dress shopping.

The Fashion Do’s and Don’ts of Prom Dress Shopping
  • Do begin your search for the perfect prom dress early. Even though it’s only November, this is when all the designers release their latest designs to various websites online as well as to fashion magazines.
  • Don’t limit your prom dress shopping to department stores or even specialty boutiques. You may find some stylish and trendy options at online sites, such as the Prom Dress Shop, which is one of the best online stores for 2016 prom dresses.
  • Don’t drive yourself crazy with all “rules” other high school girls come up with, like you only wear a long dress if it’s your senior prom and a shorter one to all other proms. Some teen girls take it even further and call “dibs” on certain prom dresses by posting them on their social media and then it’s off limits. Try not to go crazy and you’ll have more fun.
  • Do consider looking at red dresses at the Prom Dress Shop. Almost everyone can wear a shade of red and the color is an attention-stopper. Some examples of sexy red prom dresses include a long Jovani jersey gown complete with sheer mesh side detailing and mesh back, which appears like an open back and a strapless Blush short flirty dress with a tulle skirt.
  • Do select a prom dress that doesn’t make you look like an elaborate princess or a decorated cupcake. While you may have always wanted to feel like the “Belle of the Ball,” this may not be the time to show up in an extremely poufy ball gown with so many ruffles it looks an inverted decorated spring cupcake. Everyone might be staring at you and not the way you’d want them to.
  • Don’t show too much skin. Shorter prom dresses are perfectly appropriate, but remember to check the dress by bending over. If your bottom shows, the dress is too short. Keep in mind, there will be pictures of you in that dress, and your family will probably see you in them so try to keep it classy.
  • Do wear comfortable shoes. While high heels do elongate your legs, they also make it harder to walk so if you aren’t experienced in walking in three or four inch stilettos, choose shoes with shorter heels. Otherwise, everyone will be watching you lose your balance in your prom dress instead of admiring how stunning you really look.

Now that you have these tips, it’s time to begin shopping for the perfect prom dress. You’ll be ahead of the game and will be able to have a stress-free prom.

Cheat Your Way to Look Slim in Your Prom Dress – No Diet or Workout Required!!

Some tips on how you can look slender and toned in your prom dress without having to go to the gym.

 photo Untitled_zpsah1letrz.jpg
Image by Janaviemae via Flickr

If you look like Blake Lively, you don’t have to worry about hiding that muffin top or concealing that food baby when you want to look flawless on a special day. And if you are like me, the supermodel diet that includes eating only 3 apples a day or 3 hours of Pilates sounds a little too exhausting. Worse news is you only have a week to go, so there is no diet or workout that can work the magic in such short period. Here are some tricks to look fabulous in your prom dress without any restricting diet or hardworking exercise.

  • Give yourself good preparation

Tanning – Why? Because a little touch of tan can hide cellulite and stretch marks which are the imperfections that create interrupted visual lines of your bare arms and legs. If a faux tan is not for you, try a body foundation that can do the same job.

Invest in shapewear – A great body shaper will give a little nip and tuck without any painful surgery! Do choose ones that smooth up the unwanted bulges while adding an extra oomph to your breasts and bum.

Stop wearing ill-fitting undies – You look for many prom dresses made by famous designers and you plan to invest in one and hope it will make you look your best. Don’t ruin it by wearing underwear that doesn’t fit. Wrong sized bras, either too big or too small will make your dress look cheap. Knickers that are too tight will create lumps around the bum and hips. If your dress is tight, do wear a G-string or seamless panties to avoid visible panty lines.

  • Choose the dress wisely

Say no to shiny fabric – Your dress should be made of non-shiny fabric. Safe choices are cotton and silk. Be careful in choosing anything that looks shiny and bulky like leather, velvet, satin, and metallic. These materials can add extra kilos on you especially in photographs.

Monotone will do you good- First thing you have to think about carefully is which dress you are going to get. Yes, black always has that slimming power but it doesn’t have to be black. The trick is to just choose one color and stick with it. Choosing only one hue will create a flowing vertical line, making you look slimmer and taller. Mixing too many colors will make you look bigger. Look at this stunning mermaid prom dresses for example. It doesn’t have to be black, but the monotone and the shape of the dress will give you that stunning hourglass figure.

Where to show some skin? – TheV neck is best when it comes to looking slim. This shape of the neckline not only creates an illusion of a thinner upper body, but also makes your face looks less plump. A wider v neckline also helps in balancing out wide hips and thighs. This type of neckline is the way to go for looking slim.

  • Adding the finishing touch

Shoes, shoes, shoes – Shoes play an essential role to your outfit. Shoes with pointy toes and slim heels will be the best choice. If you can’t do high heels, kitten heels or flats with pointy toes are also flattering. Another trick to elongate your legs is choosing a pair in a nude color that matches your legs’ skin tone. It will create an illusion of never-ending long legs.

Mix and match the right jewelry –Accessories such as long necklaces and chandelier earrings can create an illusion of a slimmer face and neckline while statement bangles and bracelets are good for drawing attention away from the upper arms. Remember the classic trick “less is more” so mix and match a couple of items and try not to go overboard.

When in doubt, wear a ponytail – This easy hairstyle shows off your bone structure and will make your face look thinner. Make it a high ponytail with a light tease at the top of your head for a glamorous touch.

Hopefully, these tricks will be useful for those of you who have no time to slim down for the big day but don’t want to starve themselves just to look great in their dress. Because many things taste as good as skinny feels, right?

Lighting Cases & Bags

The arriba case is affordable, padded soft case designed to protect and extend the life of mobile lighting fixtures. It is suitable for all brands and great for mobile DJs, karaoke rigs and working bands. It saves you valuable transport space by allowing fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed. The case has a secured, zipped pocket for storing extra lamps, clamps, cables and other accessories.