Home Lighting


Millennium Lightings Chandelier Offered in Burnished Gold finish, Item Number 1715-BG ChandelierThe house that we live in now is the one that my hubby bought in 1998 before we got married. The decorating theme is what most referred to as rustic. We live in a rural area amongst the woods and lakes and the decor fits in with the surrounding area. It is not my favorite type of decoration but it is OK with me for the time being. The house was a real fixer upper type when he bought it and he has done a lot to upgrade it and we are still in the process of remodeling. Since moving in here, he built a new garage with large workshop, re-shingled the roof and quite a few other basic upgrades but we still have a way to go before we are finished.

We have recently been thinking seriously about buying or building a new house in the Philippines and then living there during the winter half of the year and coming back here in Minnesota when the weather is nice. I hope we decide to build our own house there because I would really like to decorate the way I want. I would like to have all warehouse-lighting.com contemporary lighting fixtures and maybe some mini chandeliers where appropriate. I think that kind of style would be elegant and classic for the type of home that I would like to have back in my home country.