Musician’s Friend Platinum Card

My hubby and I usually make our credit card payments online. The electronic payments make it easier to help us pay the bills on time and take our worry away from forgetting. The auto pay especially is such a big help to someone like us that has quite a few credit card accounts. Even though we have set all of our monthly payments automatically, last month we forgot to set it up back and got charged $28 for only two days late. My hubby cancelled the auto-pay to avoid getting double charged just like what happened to us last year.

I don’t want that to happen again so I see to it to check all of our credit cards auto pay closely. We are taking advantage of the 0% APR offers and would like to save money as much as we can instead of getting wack. I did not know how I missed it but I was so disappointed to myself at the time. Even though it was just $28, it was a big deal for me. I don’t want the banks to make more money because they have a lot already.  Anyhow, are you planning on buying a musical instrument soon?  Check out the musicians friend card. They have special financing so all you musicians out there, it is time to take advantage of the offer.