The Basics of Weighted Blankets and Pads

Weighted blankets or weighted lap pads are an option if you’re looking for a way to calm down someone who is dealing with fear, anxiety or having trouble sleeping. These weighted tools have a positive effective on children, teens and adult with disorders like autism, ADD/ADHD and anxiety. Some people sleep with them all night. Others use it for a set amount of time just to calm down before sleeping. Lap pads are a more mobile weighted blanket option. Whatever the choice, the purpose is to leave the user feeling calm and grounded.

So, how does it work? Weighted blankets add beads or pellets inside the blankets to increase the weight of the blanket. The increased pressure mimics the feel of a touch or a hug. Think of it like the comfort a baby gets from being tightly and warmly swaddled in a blanket. This manufactured “hug” can cause a mood-changing chemical in the brain to be released, calming the person down. Weighted blankets autism are used for the soothing effects. People use them during an anxiety attack or nerves. They can also be used before the attack comes around by keeping the calming tool nearby and making regular use of it.

How much weight is healthy though? Remember that weighted blankets are used for comfort. The user is going to feel trapped or smothered if you get something too heavy. Find a weighted blanket that’s 10% of their body weight plus one pound. That’ll give the user just enough weight to experience the positive effects of a weighted blanket without leaving them feeling trapped. Also, do not wrap a person into the blanket or place a pad on their head. The weight being added in that way is often unwelcome.

So you can rely on a lap pad to stay calm anywhere. You can go for the full-blanket option for home use too. The important part is to find the right weight, avoid wrapping adults or children up in confining material, and don’t force the weighted blanket on anyone. By willingly trying it, a number of people in need can discover the soothing results of a weighted blanket or pad.