Eat Right: What Your Dentist Wants You to Know

The things you eat and drink obviously plays a major role in how healthy your teeth are. However, most people don’t think food is really quite as important as it is when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth.

The fact is that there are foods out there that can do damage to your teeth right away, as well as some that can actually help you achieve a healthier mouth. Who wouldn’t want to have healthier teeth just by eating something tasty?

What you drink also plays a major role when it comes to your oral health. Use these tips that a Brooklyn NY dentist would certainly approve of the next time you chow down.

No More Candy

Everybody loves a sweet treat from time to time, but one of the absolute worst things for your teeth is hard candy. That’s because most people suck on it for a while and they take a big chomp of the last bite!

That little bit of candy, especially if you eat it regularly, can really do some damage to your teeth. If you must put hard candy in your mouth, let it dissolve naturally without biting down on it.

Limit Starchy Foods

Sweet treats like cookies and pastries, as well as foods like bread and crackers, can get stuck between your teeth very easily. That’s because the starches are going to break down and form something that feels a bit like a paste in your mouth.

To combat starchy foods and the damage they can do to your teeth, eat them with something like a slice of cheese or a bit of apple. These will help keep the starches from sticking in your mouth and actually starting the fermentation process in your teeth!

You should also drink water and rinse your mouth if you can’t get to some dental floss and a toothbrush shortly after eating starchy foods.

Be Acid-Free

Not many of us are going to give up coffee, tea or cola beverages entirely. Most people simply need the caffeine and enjoy their cup of coffee a little too much.

However, you can reduce the damage acidic drinks do to your teeth by always drinking water with them. Take a sip of your coffee and follow it with a little bit of water.

You’ll stay hydrated and that acidic brew won’t stick on your teeth.