Looking For a Company Workwear Supplier? Here Are Tips To Find the Best

Find the right work wear supplier by evaluating and assessing issues with previous suppliers, knowing your needs and wants, and then observing the following checklist.

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There was a time when a business essential was “word-of-mouth.” Believe it or not, “word-of-mouth” still holds a lot of value to businesses and corporations, but it’s less in the literal form. These days, most people turn to the Internet for reviews and views.


How many trusted online workwear suppliers in the UK can you find? You won’t have to go far to look – or won’t need to look far if you consider the easy-peasy online shopping opportunities of Be Smart Clothing Limited. Their website is beautifully presented and extremely easy to navigate as you ponder the needs and wants of your corporation.

Use Your Experience to Access

There are many issues to consider when you’re looking for a work-wear supplier. Is this your first time using a work-wear supplier? If not, you have a good comparative for what you need and want.

Where can you find a great work-wear supplier?

•    Recommendations
•    Directories
•    Trade associations
•    Business advisors
•    Exhibitions
•    Trade Press

Their Experience

You want to look for a company with experience, a solid reputation, and one which uses quality products to create their clothing.

If you have a current or previous supplier, examine what you liked and did not like about them – what motivated you to look for a new company. Most people initially opt for the lowest-price option, which seemed like a good idea initially. However, over time, the uniforms did not wear well or “hold up.” You may have found yourself having to re-order much more than the company said you’d have to. The result is, you want to look for high-quality materials from a reputable supplier, because that way, your finished product is going to meet your expectations. Even if there are initial costs, it will pay off over time through consistent, high-quality fabric.

Know Your Criteria

•   Lead times from confirmation of your order to delivery
•   Know your needs
•   Spend effort and energy on research
•   Ask around
•   Credit-check potential suppliers
•   Price is not the bottom line
•   Agree on service levels before beginning
•   Minimum and maximum order quantities
•   Storage and handling facilities
•   Specific methods of delivery
•   Quality assurance processes
•   Payment terms and conditions
•   Return policy
•   Contactable references

What should you look for?

In general, there are aspects you must consider in any supplier:

•   Reliability
•   Quality
•   Value for the money
•   Strong service and communication
•   Financial security
•   A Strong Relationship

Specific to Work Wear Suppliers

  1.  Review the work wear supplier’s capabilities.
  2.  Compare prices
  3.  Will they meet your specifications?

The above three criteria equates with value. Do not evaluate by cost alone. You are considering:

•   Customer Service
•   Delivery commitments
•   Reliability and responsiveness
•   Resource savings (hard and soft)

Supply Performance

Review their website and be sure that it offers a number of choices and clear photographs to determine what you can choose from.


Consider developing an audit and assessment program. Do an audit before the contract is signed. You want to be certain the work wear supplier doesn’t have any significant compliance or quality system failures. It also helps understand the work-wear supplier’s strengths and weaknesses. Continue to audit throughout your business relationship.

Customer Service

Always keep an open-line of communication between yourself and the work-wear supplier.

As business owners, you know that ensuring quality for customers is key. Once you’ve established and developed a quality management program with your work wear supplier you’ve ensured that you’ve been delivered high quality work wear.

Not Rush Hour

Whatever you do, don’t’ speed through the process. Invest sufficient time to research, review, seek suggestions, and check qualifications. Put in effort and energy in seeking a work wear supplier and when you have found one, make sure you are in frequent touch with each other.