Marketing Tasks for as low as £5

It has been more than five years now since I started working online. My writing skills are not great and since English is not my native language, that makes it even harder for me. Freelance writing could have been a big money maker if I was more gifted in that area but I manage to get by blogging with the help of my hubby. I also make money off social marketing where everything is provided to me and I just have to share the info with my social media followers. I have been trying hard to improve my writing skills because I know that the income from doing that can be lucrative. I recently came across a website called fivesquids where I can make money from writing articles.

Fivesquids has been around since 2010 but I just recently heard about them. I did a little research and came across a discussion board for people who did work for people listed on fivesquids. Some people recommended it because it has become a life saver for them after losing their jobs. I am always looking for opportunities to increase my online income and fivesquids looks like it might be very easy for me to supplement my income.

Fivesquids was designed to make it fun and easy for people to turn their skills into a source of income by trading amongst themselves. This is a place where students, moms and others like me can offer freelance writing and other services to those who need them. We can work from the comfort of our own homes at our own convenience. If you need articles for your blogs or websites and don’t have a big budget to hire writers, fivesquids is the place to go. They have a pool of individuals with skills and talents that can do things for you for as little as £5. Sellers get paid once they deliver the work.

The limits are endless.

* Registration is free. Only registered users can buy and sell on fivesquids.
* Buyers pay fivesquids for orders in advance.
* Fivesquids accredits sellers once an order is complete.
* Sellers may withdraw their revenues to a PayPal account of their choice.
* If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the seller’s revenues are returned to the buyer.